James Harris


Service/Ops Director

18th July 2023

As we pass through July, we are able to again reflect on what has been an amazing month for officeflow as we continue to grow the business in size and also become more versed in some of the diversifications we have undertaken.

Further experience has been gained this month in our Audio-Visual offering as we complete the installation of an 86inch VESTEL IFX screen into a school sports hall ready for school assembly’s and evening yoga classes alike!

It was good to see both the student and teacher reaction to the screen placement and we are sure the Vestel will out-perform the projector it has replaced and keep the assembly’s entertained for many years to come!

It’s great to also have seen some warmer (if not a little wetter than we would like) weather and I’m sure we can all agree that this year the warmer weather has seemed to be a long time coming!

Funnily, photocopiers and printers fall into the category of devices that always work better in warmer conditions! This has in-turn led to a slight downturn in service calls giving the team a little extra time be involved in a wider variety of tasks as we ensure that our cross-pollination of skillsets remains healthy.

Print volume is looking good and from a service perspective to see print volumes holding high with a slight downturn in service calls I can only be pleased that fleet uptime is being kept to a maximum by our team of amazing engineers!

We’ve had a couple of things going on externally this month with myself and Stuart taking on RunNorwich and have also begun the initial sparks of some ideas around our fundraising challenge for next year to match this years amazingly successful Pier 2 Pier walk. Now that everything is closed I can finally confirm that collectively we have raised a staggering £7,221.84 (including giftaid) for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

A massive and final Thank You again to everyone that supported us on our challenge.

Also, I am personally just back from taking some R+R having just enjoyed some time on Annual Leave in Turkey with the family and I’m now back at the desk refreshed for the busy summer ahead.

With school summer holidays looming, like most businesses that supply B2B services into education this means two things… staff holidays and a busy summer working in the education sector!

School holidays for officeflow mean we will be busy installing large numbers of interactive screens, photocopiers, printers and software solutions into many of the education trusts and schools we supply managed print services to.

We have also received the fantastic news of another large local high school in Norwich moving to officeflow for their print services and three more primary schools in west Norfolk joining us and also taking PaperCut to assist with their print management. However, there is something eerie about being in a totally empty school when installing hardware but it’s always the holidays that see’s contractors from electricians, decorators and ‘copier people’ doing what we do best in preparation for the start of the new term.

It’s also been a fantastic month in relation to our new Chelmsford office as we start to see machine requests coming through to the service department and we begin to install hardware into our more ‘southern’ areas.

To date this has been a healthy mix of devices from the Develop photocopiers to Epson heat-free copiers and printers and wide format devices.

In conclusion a healthy and warm month with everyone feeling buoyant and ready to hit holiday season head-on and install lots of new devices to lots of new customers.

Now where is that air-con button in the van….