Tom McCarthy



19th October 2023


What a month September turned out to be.

We have to start with the “return to school”. September always ends up being a busy month for Officeflow. Our continued growth in the education sector means for a quiet August and a busy September in service. Added to this the fact we added 2 large high schools in September with more of our fantastic Develop equipment and a large primary school with 2 of our 100 Epson devices, it was always going to be bust wasn’t it 😊

Kudos to our fantastic service team who continue to support our hugely valued customers with a positive attitude and a friendly smile.

Plenty of new boxes sold and the pre installation work of a 20-machine account ready to be installed in a weeks’ time.

Just back from a long weekend in Portugal thanks to Dsales as a reward for being there number 1 dealer for both spend and boxes sold for a 2nd year running. Some lovely food, great company, a few (too many) bottles of wine and spoilt a good walk on a beautiful golf course 🤣 – All in all a very successful trip and something to strive towards for next year!

We’ve a big focus on the lead up to Christmas now to ensure we stay on target for budget for this year.

One final note from me, we are actively recruiting again with the below positions available if you should know anyone suitable:

  • Trainee Sales Executive
  • Trainee service engineer
  • Field service engineer
  • Installations / connectivity engineer

Tom McCarthy – Director