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Develop has a rich heritage, founded in 1948 in Germany and becoming part of Konica Minolta Holdings Inc in the 1990s. Develop devices are manufactured by Konica Minolta and are identical in every way – specification, speed, print quality and build quality to name a few.

Develop also has its own unique range of innovative software solutions to meet the needs of a wide variety of customers SME’s to Large Corporate organisations. These include electronic archiving, workflow, authentication and cost control solutions amongst them.

With growing demand from customers for environmentally friendly devices with low running costs the latest Develop ineo multifunctional range has typical electricity consumption values that are amongst the lowest in their class. Eco-friendly operation keeps energy usage well within the latest regulations of Energy Star and the Blue Angel international standards.

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When it comes to choosing technology, Epson understands that businesses put reliability and environmental impact at the top of their lists. This is what drives us to create innovative products that are reliable, recyclable, and energy-efficient. This commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our products spans all stages of their life cycle.

Epson is constantly developing new ways to help meet environmental standards, and our research and development allows us to deliver innovative, precision technologies featuring multiple energy-saving features. That means you don’t have to choose between a better planet and bottom-line benefits for your business.

Epson work with partners across the world to create total solutions that cover all aspects of a business, from planning and design to implementation, maintenance and ongoing support.

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As a group we’re proud of what we’ve achieved. Founded by two young software developers back in 1998, the youthful passion and start-up culture remains just as strong with us today. What drives us is very different to the corporate companies.

In the late 90’s, our two co-founders Chris and Matt were university students, used to problem solving. It was a part time sys admin job at a local high school where Chris saw overflowing bins of printed paper – staff and students could print anything! Aha, the light bulb moment! They set to work writing “a bit of code” to help the school monitor their printing and reduce waste, it soon spread like wildfire.

It’s not about profits and business metrics. It’s about building strong long lasting relationships. After 20 years we still have our first employees, first resellers, and first customers. Our success is not measured by a balance sheet, but instead by the impact we’ve had across 50 million end-users, 180 countries, and 60,000 organizations, …and the trillions of pages we’ve saved.

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In today’s world, technology companies, healthcare, manufacturing, automobile, beauty products, finance, or any other businesses, all have one thing in common: they all make extensive use of documents. Documents are the building block of any business. They play a central role in facilitating the proper functioning and overall success of any business.

Deploying an easy document management solution will help businesses reduce the reliance on paper and save additional costs for printing, storing, maintaining and filing.

This is where Filestar, our cloud-based document management service, is the ideal solution for scanning and archiving your paper and electronic documents. What are the benefits for you:

  • Filestar make it very easy for you to transfer your paper files to a digital archive which will help you save time and money 
  • You do not need to worry about managing your own server or storage as this solution is cloud based
  • You can stay compliant through secure access, comprehensive auditing, and flexible retention policies 

Duplo finishing
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Duplo is a Japanese company which was established in 1951, manufacturing one of the first duplicators in the Print Industry. In 1959, Duplo got its name “Duplo” coming from the word “Duplicator”. Duplo is now the leading supplier of print finishing equipment in the world, and has launched over 50 product ranges and have worldwide distribution to more than 170 countries.

Duplo International provides sustainable, high precision, automated print finishing technology that enables customers to turn paper into great communication and grow their businesses. Duplo drives development of quality-focused products, all backed by world class support and service.