James McCraith


Managing Director

8th August 2023

And like that Holiday season is upon us!

August is always a busy month as we have the scheduled work for our education clients to complete before the kids return. I’m pleased to say this August carries on in the same vein with two new high school roll out in the centre of Norwich this week and a primary federation in West Norfolk next week.

Sales has got off to a good start across both offices. However, a standout deal for me for lots of reason is a new business, multi-device, multi-site order for a large corporate in Essex. Business that has been won and is managed by our Chelmsford office sales team.

The client has opted for an Epson print solution that provides an ‘Insetting’ approach to help contribute to their sustainability policies and values. The Epson is a great fit for the customer as not only are the devices very capable MFD’s they also provide a massive reduction in energy usage which is ultimately another small step taken to help in the environment and reduce carbon footprints.

It’s not all been hard work however, we recently managed to find time to get our summer team day booked which allowed us to all let off some steam together and celebrate the previous 6 months!

We went to Boom Battle Bar Norwich where everyone tried to master axe throwing (harder than it looks), beer-Pong and darts. Who knew Tracy in accounts is so good with a set of arrows as she totally cleared the floor with everyone in several games of killer! We then all enjoyed a Chinese at the Baby Buddha in Norwich to soak up the alcohol consumed during beer-pong with some dim-sum and crispy squid! Great fun had by all!

Officeflow night out

It’s now my turn to take some annual leave and I’m looking forward to spending some time with the Kids (and the wife – better say that or I’ll be in trouble) and finally getting some sun after the wettest July since records began and coming back early September to hit the ground running with what always seems like a ramp up in activity.